Dominique Ferraton


Smoky Mountain Time

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(Extrait | Excerpt)

On the trail in the Smoky Mountains, the usual question: how much longer to the top?

Just keep walking.

We walk, becoming real-time witnesses of the forest's constant changes. Witnesses and active participants as well, our bodies following the beat: morning, afternoon, evening, night. We walk beside the creek, watching it flow past. As we follow our own path through the landscape, our companion is our own constant motion. Like the stream, we are affected only by the rising and falling terrain, the sun or the rain.

Soon, we become time itself - time as it is experienced by the old poplars, the crows, the river. By the clouds, the mountains and our feet.

Produced in August 2013 under the Artist-in-Residence program at Great Smoky Mountains National Park with the support of Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Produit lors d'une résidence d'artiste au Great Smoky Mountains National Park grâce au soutien de Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park et du Conseil des arts du Canada.


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